Download The Promise

To our dear friends and fans

We make music because we are passionate about it and we love our fans because we know you are too.

We hope the music we make will inspire you the way you have inspired us for so long now.

Over the last two years, we've written a collection of music that we are quite proud of and can't wait to share with you. The Promise is just one of these songs. It's yours to enjoy for free.

As you may know, to make this music possible it takes a lot of time and money to record, write and keep the creative engines of all those we work with running at full speed. So, if you value what you hear and are able to, feel free to help by supporting it.

Whether you choose to offer support by donating money, by sharing this page with your friends, or by simply taking the time to listen, we want you to know that we really appreciate you. Your selective taste and love for music are not only what fuels us, but what helps the forward movement of creativity itself.

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